DOG-AG Traumatology


The number of bulbar-opening injuries is steadily decreasing in Germany, so that injuries are rarely treated at many eye departments. As a substitute for training on patients in daily routine, systematic training in this field across subspecialties is becoming all the more important for specialists working in the background service. This need is reflected in a great demand for corresponding courses and WetLabs.

The AG DOG-Traumatologie, also together with the DGII, the BVA and the Retinological Society, would like to coordinate and promote practical training and further education in this special field.

The decreasing number of eye injuries makes it difficult to conduct monocentric studies in this field. The DOG Traumatology Working Group would like to create the basis for recording eye injuries in a uniform and standardised way within the framework of a central register in order to be able to present current trends and focal points.

Interdisciplinarily, the AG DOG-Traumatology should get into contact with neighbouring disciplines to coordinate treatment guidelines in this field.
Internationally, the cooperation between the AG DOG-Traumatology and international societies such as the ISOT (International Society of Ocular Trauma, ISOT) should be intensified. This also includes the organisation of joint meetings.

Members of the Working Group

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schrader
Red Cross Clinic, Würzburg
Prof. Dr. Arne Viestenz
University Clinic and Polyclinic for Ophthalmology, Halle/Saale