AG Young DOG


The Young DOG working group focuses its activities on the promotion of young scientists in ophthalmology and the compatibility of clinical and scientific activities.

About the Working Group

1st speaker
PD Dr. med. Mehdi Shajari
Eye Clinic of the LMU Munich

2nd speaker
PD Dr. med. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Bettina Hohberger
University Eye Hospital Erlangen

Reporter in the Board of Directors
Representative in the Programme Commission
Dr. rer. nat. Sven Schnichels
University Eye Hospital Tübingen

Contact person for the issue AG Young DOG in the Ophthalmologists
PD Dr. med. Dr. nat. Deniz Hos
Centre for Ophthalmology
University Hospital Cologne

Representative in the AK DOG-Lehre
Jost Lauermann, MD
Clinic for Ophthalmology
University Hospital Münster

For other members of the AG Young DOG, please see the attached presentation.

Collaboration in the AG Young DOG

Dear colleagues,

The AG Young DOG is aimed at young assistant doctors and young scientists. Its aim is to enable a better compatibility of clinical work, research and family. As a member of the working group, you will be regularly informed about funding opportunities, activities and symposia. Once a year there is a general meeting at the DOG. You are welcome to actively contribute to improving the research map for young junior scientists and become a member of the AG Young DOG by registering for the working group in the next step.

Membership of the AG is reserved for members of the DOG. Residents, habilitated physicians and scientists as well as professors up to W 2 can become members.
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Working sessions are open to all members. Dates will be announced in a timely manner.

Minutes of the meeting on the occasion of the DOG 2018 in Bonn
PDF (in German language)

  • The work and training situation of young doctors in Germany – a summary analysis of survey results from six specialties, published in “Gesundheitswesen”, August 2019 PDF (in German language)
  • Reconciling family and career – where is the change in minds?
    A position paper of the Bündnis JUNGE ÄRZTE [Alliance of YOUNG DOCTORS].
    [PDF] (in German language) (published in “Der Ophthalmologe”, 7-2016)
  • Current situation of ophthalmology residents in Germany.
    In 2014, the Young DOG working group conducted a nationwide survey among ophthalmology residents. Among other things, assessments were asked about the current training situation, scientific activity, career prospects and the compatibility of career and family. The results of the survey were recently published in “Der Ophthalmologe”. More information can be found under the following link: PDF (in German language)
Bündnis JUNGE ÄRZTE [Alliance of Young Doctors]

The Bündnis JUNGE ÄRZTE [Alliance of Young Doctors] is composed of representatives of residents and young specialists/consultants from the largest German medical societies and professional associations.
The AG Young DOG is one of the members of the alliance.