DOG Committees

Committees are small groups of experts appointed by the Board to address important topics in ophthalmology. They advise the Board or become active on behalf of the Society on behalf of the Presidium. Committees are usually established for an indefinite period, with a review of commission status every four years.

Committee for Ophthalmologic Rehabilitation (DOG/BVA)

Committee for Orthoptic Issues (DOG/BVA)

Committee for Refractive Surgery (DOG/BVA)

Committee for the Quality Assurance of Sensory

Physiological Examination Methods and Devices (DOG)

Committee for Medical Guidelines (DOG/BVA)

Macula Committee (DOG/BVA)

Programme Committee (DOG)

Legal Committee (DOG/BVA)

Committee for Intersectoral Ophthalmology (DOG/BVA)

Committee for Transport and Traffic Ophthalmology