DOG Congress

DOG 2023 – 121. Congress of the DOG from September 28th till October 1st, Estrel, Berlin

Closed: Call for Abstracts

Thank you so much for sending your abstracts. We are currently reviewing the submissions. The authors will be notified in mid-June. The three best videos will be awarded a prize.

For all important and current information details on the DOG Congress 2023 please refer to our Congress Website.

DOG 2022 – 120. Kongress der DOG 29.09.-02.10.2022, Estrel, Berlin

Abstract Book DOG 2022

Brochure of the 2022 Awards

Lautations and welcome speeches for the 2022 Prizes and Research Awards

Preisverleihungsbroschüre 2022 (German language)

Dates for the next years:

DOG 2023: 28.09.–01.10.2023, Estrel, Berlin 
DOG 2024: 10.10.-13.10.2024, Estrel, Berlin
DOG 2025: 25.09.-28.09.2025, Estrel, Berlin