Research Map of German Ophthalmology

Research Map of German Opthalmology

No progress without research – no improvement in patient care without progress: Research has been an important concern for the DOG since its foundation in 1857. Today, the world’s oldest medical-scientific society for ophthalmology supports scientific projects and studies, organises congresses and publishes scientific journals. The DOG is also committed to supporting young scientists, for example by awarding scholarships for young researchers.

The need for research in ophthalmology has always been and will always remain high. Many eye diseases can already be treated very well today thanks to intensive and continuous research. Nevertheless, many research questions are still open. Against the background of constantly rising patient numbers, the pressure to act is also growing. Already today, about 18 million people in Germany suffer from glaucoma or cataract, diabetic retinopathy or age-related macular degeneration. By 2030, this number will increase by 50 percent. Digitisation offers a new opportunity, not least for patient-oriented research: on the one hand, it makes it possible to show correlations through pattern recognition that were previously unknown, but ultimately help to improve care. On the other hand, the use of digital applications must also be scientifically accompanied in order to be able to evaluate their benefit in terms of evidence-based medicine.

This map of research, now in its third updated edition, aims to make the performance of scientific ophthalmology transparent. It is also intended to promote cooperation between basic science and the clinic, but also non-university institutions and research-based companies, and to better network various research activities and actors. In addition, the updated research map should help to strengthen the visibility of ophthalmology in the entire subject canon and to communicate the importance of the subject.

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