About us – German Society of Ophthalmology

With more than 8.000 members, the DOG is an important and highly regarded medical scientific association in Germany. Founded 1857 in Heidelberg by Albrecht von Graefe, the DOG is the most ancient ophthalmological scientific association in the world and the oldest scientific medical association in Germany.

The DOG supports scientific projects and studies, organises congresses and publishes scientific journals. The high membership numbers reflect the importance of the transfer of knowledge achieved by the DOG. Most of Germany’s ophthalmologists and scientists are members of the DOG and benefit from the various offers in the field of information, research and training.

In cooperation with all ophthalmological subspecialties, national organisations, international partners and patient associations, the DOG offers ophthalmological experts a wide array of competences and an excellent platform for the sharing of scientific experience and insights.

We are confident that these competences, experiences and insights will continue to serve as sources for new medical discoveries providing great benefit for patients at clinics and in physicians’ practices.

DOG office in Munich

German Society of Opthalmology
Platenstraße 1, 80336 München
Tel. +49 89 55057680
Fax +49 89 550576811
Registered address of the society: Heidelberg
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The Statutes of the DOG

See the Statutes of the DOG in German language here.