DOG-AG Epidemiology and Healthcare Research in Ophtholmology


Almost everyone experiences an eye disease during his lifetime, and a significant increase was seen especially in old age. Therefore, an increase in ophthalmological patients is to be expected due to demographic change. So far, however, there is only limited data available on the frequency of eye diseases in Germany and on their care. Even the most effective therapies are of no use if they are not implemented in routine care or are not feasible for those affected. Therefore, research on care-relevant topics such as the increasing need and implementation of evidence and therapy adherence is increasingly important.

To change this and improve the ophthalmic care situation, the Working Group on Ophthalmic Epidemiology and Health Services Research, founded in 2018, meets regularly.

Members of the Working Group

Prof. Dr Alexander Schuster
University Eye Hospital, Mainz
Second head
Prof. Dr. Dr. Robert Finger
University Eye Hospital, Bonn