Transport and Traffic Committee

The Transport and Traffic Committee of the DOG and BVA is an institution that has been working for many decades to promote scientific knowledge in the field of traffic ophthalmology, i.e. the relationship between vision and road traffic. Furthermore, it endeavors to make recommendations for the assessment of fitness to drive from the ophthalmologist’s point of view and has developed a variety of recommendations for this purpose over the years.

Members of the Committee

Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernhard Lachenmayr, München
Dr. Gernot Freißler, Bamberg
Dr. Siegfried Drosch
Dr. Jörg Frischmuth
Prof. Dr. Klaus Rohrschneider
Prof. Dr. Johann Roider
Prof. Dr. Frank H. W. Tost, Greifswald
Prof. Dr. Helmut Wilhelm, Tübingen