German Network Health Service Research (DNVF)

The German Network Health Service Research was founded May 2, 2006 in Berlin by 26 professional associations, all members of the Standing Commission of the “German National Conference for Health Services Research” (DKVF).

Mission, Goals, Tasks

The DNVF is an interdisciplinary network open to all institutions, working groups and scientists concerned with the improvement of health and patient care from the perspectives of science, practice and health policy. The aim of the DNVF is to network health care researchers in the health care system, to bring together science and health care practice and to promote health care research as a field. The formation of interdisciplinary working groups on multiprofessional topics of health services research, and the implementation of new and better health care are central tasks as well as the promotion of young scientists.

The DNVF’s networking activities have sustainably strengthened the quality and relevance of health services research. The practice of jointly investigating issues of high practical importance for health care bridges science, practice and health policy.