White Paper on the Situation of Ophthalmic Care in Germany (2008)

September 2008, Download [PDF in German language]
The White Paper on Ophthalmological Research in Germany in 2008 took stock of the current state of scientific work in German ophthalmology. Modest monetary funding is still matched by considerable research achievements. In this respect, ophthalmology still has a good position in its country of origin. Nevertheless, there is a pressing epidemiological challenge: the ageing of German society is leading to a considerable increase in visual impairment and blindness. New scientific knowledge and innovations are needed to counter this development. New approaches to the design and management of ophthalmological research are also required. The White Paper is intended to show for the German Society of Ophthalmologicyl, and thus for each and every one of us, what must be done and what can be done to improve the research situation in Germany.