DOG-AG Information Technology


Due to numerous different systems in electronic medical records and clinical workplace systems, concerted coordination of clinical and scientific requirements for such systems is desirable. Otherwise, there is a danger that administrative requirements could be given a higher priority than medical or scientific interests/needs.

At the same time, in view of the large number of developments, joint information about different systems and possible solutions is necessary.

The joint working group on information technology in ophthalmology of the DOG and the BVA offers colleagues a forum in which an exchange of experiences and/or a joint development of clinical workplace systems with networking/coordination with workplace systems outside clinics can be facilitated.

Members of the Working Group

Prof. Dr. Nicole Eter
University Eye Clinic, München
PD Dr. Karsten Kortüm
University Eye Clinic, München
Prof. Dr. Rainer Guthoff
University Eye Clinic Duesseldorf

German Register of Ophthalmological

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