DOG-AK University eye network

This Task Force meets once a year at the DOG Congress. The opportunity to participate in the meetings is open to all representatives of university eye clinics.

Members of the Task Force

Prof. Claus Cursiefen
University Eye Clinic, Köln
Prof. Frank G. Holz
University Eye Clinic, Bonn
Prof. Thomas Kohnen
University Eye Clinic, Frankfurt/Main

Further Members:
Prof. Dr. Maged Alnawaiseh (Münster)
Prof. Dr. Nicole Eter (Münster)
Dr. Paul Foerster (München)
Eva Hemkeppler (Frankfurt)
Dr. Thomas Kreutzner (München)
Prof. Dr. Tim Krohne (Köln)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Neß (Freiburg)
Dr. Benedikt Schworm (München)