The UV Protection Alliance

Logo of the UV Protection Alliance

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection coordinates the interdisciplinary “UV Protection Alliance”. The Alliance is a cooperation of well-known societies, organisations and authorities from radiation protection, medicine, science and occupational safety who are committed to UV protection for years. The Alliance advocates for a responsible handling with UV radiation. Objective of the Alliance is to reduce in the long term the number of new skin cancer cases and other adverse health effects caused by UV radiation. Since its foundation in 2012, the number of partners in the UV Protection Alliance has increased. The DOG is an active member of this association and is committed to raising awareness and reducing the scientifically proven damage caused by UV radiation to the eye.

What does the UV Protection Alliance do?

The Alliance partners work on the basis of a jointly supported Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation. During interdisciplinary expert talks, the Alliance partners discuss the current state of scientific knowledge, pool the findings on the effects of and the protection against UV radiation and prepare generally understandable information on health consequences. The Alliance partners also develop practicable UV protection measures and promote their implementation for a meaningful and effective UV protection.

Who to contact

We need your ideas, experience and support. We therefore invite you tcontact us and engage in a dialogue on this important issue.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ludwig M. Heindl
University Eye Hospital Cologne

Prof. Dr. med. Vinodh Kakkassery
University Eye Hospital Chemnitz