Contemporary witnesses

In 2014, the then President Karl Ulrich Bartz-Schmidt and the DOG initiated the program: “Contemporary Ophthalmological Witnesses” with the intention of producing film and audio documents of well-known professional colleagues.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Naumann

The first interview in this series took place in Erlangen in January 2015 with Prof. Dr. Gottfried Naumann, who has rendered outstanding services to national and international ophthalmology in many ways, and who also represents a piece of German history.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Wessing

The second interview took place in 2017 in Tübingen with Prof. Dr Achim Wessing.

Fictional interview with Albrecht von Graefe

In 2020, the interview series was expanded to include a fictional interview with Albrecht von Graefe, the founder of the DOG, who also comments on current situations. The interview was conducted by Prof. Dr Jens Martin Rohrbach