DOG Students

Offers for Students

The DOG offers medical students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the 6th semester onwards the possibility of guest access to the society including advantages such as free admission to the annual DOG congress and 12 printed issues of the specialist journal “Die Ophthalmologie”. Please see the latest edition of the journal here.

Guest access for students is free in the year of application and the following year. The fee for the following two years is 60 Euros per year, with a choice of eAbo or printAbo (applies to subscribers in Germany only).

Students can apply for doctoral and travel scholarships. Submission of posters and abstracts for the DOG Congress is also possible. Particularly committed medical students who have opted for guest admission are welcome to actively participate in the Young DOG working group.

Benefits for students

  • free admission to the annual DOG congress
  • free access to the specialist journal „Die Ophthalmologie“
  • access to the journal archive from 1997 onwards
  • DOG newsletter subscription
  • AG Young DOG newsletter subscription with topics for young ophthalmologists